Tuesday, 27 April 2021

SPIRIT by Jayl




 Big Wall – High Tide – Sea Fish – High Knocke … In the Spring

Sandy Pond – Big Beach – Low Bay – Little Rock … And the Swing

Blue Moon Red Noon Green Rum – Spinning Brother … 

Summer Days!

Yellow Mother – White Day Blue River – Sting Ray … Swing Away

 Swing away – Swing away – Swing away….. Swing Away.

 Dripping Honey – Mr.Beast – Kung Fu – High Priest … Little Wing

Southern High – Old Brown Shoe – Not Least – 9th Beast … 

On the Swing.

Sea Rains – Winter Storms – Black Cat – Weather brings … 

Many Things!

Ginger Cat You’re So Vain – Still he sings, there still remains … 

A Child’s Swing.

 Swing away – Swing away – Swing away….. Swing Away.

 Don’t cry yourself to sleep now for the truth.

Don’t beat yourself right up now for the proof…. 

For the lies of the pretty pernicious

Your life is too damn precious

When the enemies are Downright Vicious             

Life is so delicious!

 Swing away – Swing away – Swing away….. Swing Away.

 Dark Star – Blue Lady – Slow Worm – Every Turn … Everything

Sunny Special – Little Moon – Pink Shells – Prince of Things … Dig the Swing

Brighter Venus – Mr.Chair – Love Falls – Mermaid Calls … Let us Pray

House Heals – Dream Passed – Swing Gone – Sea is Grey … 

Swing Away.

 Don’t expect a sudden rush now for the truth.

Don’t forget that all your work now is the proof….

When so much is suspicious

Your enemies are Downright Vicious

When your life is too damn precious!

Your life is so delicious.

 Swing away – Swing away – Swing away….. Swing Away.

 Don’t expect a sudden rush now for the truth.

Don’t forget that all your work is now the proof….

When your enemies are vicious

And your life is too damn precious

For the lies of the petty pernicious

Your life is so delicious.

 Swing away – Swing away – Swing away…..

Swing away – Swing away – Swing away…..  Swing away….. 

Swing Away.

Swing away – Swing away – Swing away….. We’re Living for Today.

Swing away – Swing away … We’re Living for Today … 

Swing away …

Jayl De Lara

Additional Lyrics by Niki Glass

Music by Jimmie Bone

Produced by Dave Salter

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Thursday, 8 October 2020


So in the end he knows you know
The thing you feared has come to your show,
And no one rushes to your floor
You know not what’s behind the door.
Believe like songs, they all begin,
With life and limb and nerves to swim.
But sharks abound midst sunken dreams,
And nothing is as real as it seems.
Beyond the pale of joy and pain,
Women and wine they laughed and came …
Grey lady sung, her blue allure,
Believed like snow, she once was pure.
And everything that I did see,
Looked new and true in vibrancy…
We walked the path so proud and free,
Before the names escaping me…
With whom we drank and toasted youth,
Without the time and hindsight proof.
Now the dream we chased is nevermore,
It disappeared beneath the floor.
Beyond the glaze – translucent skies.
We never once believed the lies,
Where we exist in space time full,
Forever young and beautiful.
We’re beautiful.

Jayl De Lara

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Monday, 20 July 2020


Twas the first day of autumn – on a Friday it came,

The call to say that nothing would ever be the same.

Already the sky was a dark sombre grey,

There was no moon rising over Walpole Bay.


Once they had lives, young spirits by the sea,

They danced in the ballrooms in true harmony.

Now they stay in their rooms – they can lay there all day,

They don’t see the moon at the top of the bay.


Can’t get out of my chair – no, don’t wash my hair,

Independence retracted – it’s so hard to bear.

I was very much in love; have the pictures of the day,

Hand in hand neath the moonlight at Walpole Bay.


Memories of the war, so vivid – so real,

But nothing much momentary; the magpies – they steal.

Imaginary phone calls, so much news to convey,

“Well I heard that the moon had just run away!”


Dementia is cloying, destroying with pain,

Its tentacles clawing the heart of the brain.

Creeping and crawling, surreptitious its way,

Darkening the moon over every damn bay.


Trying to escape – when I have, let me in,

I wonder what lives in the end we’d begin.

But once I was the sharpest – yes, back in the day,

When the moon was so vibrant at Walpole Bay.


So tell me what is not and what is surreal,

And what do you expect, how am I s’posed to feel?

Locked in my mind with my body as hay,

And the olde moon cryin’ at the crest of the bay.


And the constant beep beeping, screams and the wails,

This is what happens when the system fails…

We didn’t know why, but you begged us to stay,

With the moon turning red, sinking in to the bay.


The trickster is time, and you prophesized your fate,

To us in denial – who forever would wait.

But the kindness is letting go, what words left to say?

Cept “the full moon is shimmering on the waves of the bay.”


Black and white photographs – how perfect they seemed,

In the prime of their lifetimes, their hopes and their dreams.

When picnics and laughter and love held the sway,

And the moon did a tango at Walpole Bay.


Oh how I wish – we’d go back there and sing,

When life was much simpler and you still had your rings.

Remember the prom and the warm golden rays?

When at sunset the moonrise, lit up ALL the bays!


The history of that town, well it came and it passed,

And you took the summer – we knew it couldn’t last.

We loved you back then and we love you today,

And the moon still he quivers in that magical way.


I saw you last night – you were speaking to me,

A beautiful angel, liberated and free.

Knew it was a miracle, you said “Don’t worry, OK?”

“The moon’s glowing high in the sky ‘bove the bay.”


They say nothing’s forever, but on the timeline you stand,

One magnificent star with your man and the band.

Like a flower so radiant, always beautiful you’ll stay,

As the moon shines again over Walpole Bay.

  by Jayl De Lara - November 2019

      In memory of Betty Irene Glass (née Huxtable) – ‘Mum’ 1927 - 2019

                          JAYL TV - Moon Over Walpole Bay

Monday, 13 November 2017



Great to be alive – when I’m alive with you.
So magical true – my girl on the rail …
Swishing her tail on the ole timeline …
I says “Oh to be mine – all mine, all mine!”

With a swervy swerve and a curvy curve,
To ask that one out – well it took some nerve.
Such a silent soft paw – what you can’t hear, can’t ignore.
Just sexy pure class was my Nikola Glass.

Oh such a cool cat – she was sat on my lap,
Sapphire my desire – she loved playing with fire.
Twas a tiger on the tiles when I came to her nest,
Over mountains and miles – to be with the best.

I kissed her soft shoe – it was bluer than blue,
And we never said never – just together forever.
And like a couple of cats – all sweetness and bright,
We danced in the twilight – then went out into the night.

Jayl De Lara

For Niki - 7th November 2017 Y 

Picture by www.chaseandwonder.com © 2017

Thursday, 22 September 2016


On a hot September day in the way back when
When the study was the flow and the modern Zen.
When the music was rowing – a meandering stream,
When we lived like cats and dared to dream…
A knock on my door, unexpected I confess,
But a joy to behold, nevertheless.
For there on my threshold was a man with great shoes,
I says “Who are you Brother?” He says “Bobby J Cruz”.

We talked of bands and girls and song,
All the things that make the world young.
He loved his sport, the competitive race,
The breath of youth, the thrill of the chase…
I shook his hand and invited him in,
Asked him what his calling was, he says “I love to sing!”
“What dya’ like to sing man?” He answered “Rock ‘n Blues.”
He smiled like a black cat, now that was Bobby Cruz.

A true Adonis, but shy he was;
The most sensitive passion that ever there was.
But with the courage of a cobra he lifted up the mic,
Shaking on the wire, but coiled and ready to strike…
A Black Sabbath classic - he sung ‘After Forever’,
And I knew right at that moment, he’d never give up, ever!
For there in my studio, was a guy who chose to choose,
A heart and poet singer whose name was Bobby Cruz.

Many talk of going to LA,
But talk is cheap on the narrow way.
You have to be brave and get on the plane,
And strive to be the driver of the rattlin’ train …
But the man - he had the courage,
He knew there was nothing to lose,
He put his life right on the line,
Yes, that was Bobby Cruz.

Loved he was, Nathaniel born,
To a life that oft did hurt him and pour upon him scorn.
But he wasn’t deterred; he was tall and proud,
With the perfect blend of humble and loud.
Now he front’s a band at Vega – he sings ‘November Rain’,
He left us weeping very young, but he ‘Won’t get fooled again’.
His sun shines white; we miss his charm, but to us he’ll always be news,
We’re proud to say he was our friend - a star called Bobby Cruz.

Jayl De Lara - September 2016

Bobby J Cruz  1978 - 2016

Thursday, 11 August 2016


There is a place beyond the pale, though the map was set to head for Wales, we came one day to live a dream; we were on the road to Ruardean.

Drawn to an Angel in the street, with a view of mountains and fields of wheat, we created many a magic scene, for we’d found ourselves in Ruardean.

Good people young, good people old; carnivals and fairs,
Tradition, culture, unruly sheep, and no talk at all of bears.
Oaks and owls, the cleanest spring; fine gardens gold and green,
We must have found the ancient parish of good ole’ Ruardean.

We’ll sail the seas in salty air and trust in God and winds,
But we’ll hear the whisper of the giant pines, where the bell of the old church sings.
We’ll remember the days on forest tracks; the places where ghosts have been ...

For a part of our hearts and souls will dwell – forever in Ruardean.