Sunday, 6 November 2011


We - of spoilt generation know nothing of bombs ...

Where the earth it thundered and carved a pool..

A mirror for shadows of forgotten sons;

Their faces guarded here, in wooded shade unknown.

Where someone came from somewhere on a train,

Became no one going nowhere in the rain.

Oh bitter rain, like spider’s tears in June…

That weep for summer days unsown,

And monstrous rage, beneath these trees full-grown.

We - of spoilt generation know nothing of pain.

From shattered crater tranquil pond – now still,

Exploded grim and bloody, crushing lives,

And tearing cried aloud, to a singular eye in mud…

Blurred and staring, blasted from its face,

Like a horror movie witness to history’s disgrace.

Oh stark disgrace, like a devil sick of sin…

For within this glade a soldier’s story,

A silent repose for sacrifice and glory.

We - of spoilt generation know nothing of war.

Where doom himself swam, laughing in this pool…

Clasping like a clam the bones of youth,

That died, for what? Like freezing flies in fall.

Quietude now, with faintest ripple beauty still remains,

Though the water hides the ghostly groans of heroes still unnamed.

Oh savage heroes, your honour clothes the naked shame…

Of innocence blown to smithereens,

And a million deaths of hopes and dreams.

You know, history is never quite as it seems,

With a billion deaths of hope and dreams

So as stories are told from age to age,

They’ll be swallowed by the silent pool of rage.

Jayl De Lara ©

Inspired by the photograph - “A Belgium Crater” by Rick van Lente

Extra Inspirations from the movie – “Regeneration”, directed by Gillies MacKinnon

Poem Dedicated to the memory of Wilfred Owen & Siegfried Sassoon – Heroes & War Poets

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