Monday, 7 November 2011


Today is my 31st anniversary since meeting my Head Fox & Soul Mate - Niki Gunner. We were just kids when we met! I joined my first band that week and decided then and there that if I was to be a respected lead singer I would need the most beautiful girl in the world by my side and hanging out at my rehearsals and gigs! I joined the band on the Monday, met said girl on the Friday and it was love at first site - and she was there at 'The Spirals' rehearsal by the following Monday! At my Gig at Minster Village Hall within 2 weeks and at Highbury with me within 4 weeks - What a girl!!!
This weekend I was rehearsing and enjoying another Gunners victory and who was the beautiful lady still with me and still hanging out? What a lady!!!

Wanna know the secrets of our success? Please read the following poem - 'Conventus Amor' ... Not saying WE have all the answers but people don't seem to stick together so much these days and we hope that the creed within this document will help others, as it has served us well.

The wonderful photo is by the brilliant Peter Bryenton

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