Thursday, 15 December 2011


How we both loved this movie!!


In the late 1980's, I used to drive taxis on the overnight shift in Bedford and Luton. This paid for my professional singing lessons with the brilliant Hilary Western from the D'oyly Carte opera company. There was great camaraderie between the drivers and I met some of the most fascinating people of my life working on the cabs; we all had numbers for names and a story to tell. I had a great friend called Franco Mercieri, who sadly passed on this day 3 years ago - December 15th. Franc was still young and he is sadly missed by all those who loved him. I would like to remember the man this day by publishing the poem I wrote in tribute to him, simply called...
Remember those nights?
We were young and bold and oh so bright.
Numbers for names, story’s untold
Future’s unwritten - in time to unfold.
Ridin’ the roads through the rain and the hail
Beneath suns and the moons and the sorrows and tales.
The years passed so slowly but were gone in a brush
And now you are gone it seems all was a rush.
The road is now quiet, the night is so still
All has turned dark on Deadman’s Hill.
But your legacy lives – ‘Two Four’ was your name
Your heart was often heavy, but was huge all the same.
Now you’re back in your cab and you drive in the light
There’s no more fog or overnights …
You pick up the angels – your team always triumphs
You drink with St.Peter and laugh in defiance!
The road is now smooth and you’re feeling no pain
And one day dear friend, I’ll drive with you again.
Love and Light and Happy Memories
Jayl ‘23’
In Memory of Franco Mercieri - ‘24’
1962 - 2010
Miss you man x