Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Dance of Life

  • 'The Dance of Life' well what can I holds so much beauty day by day,
    The words are sung from the heart and from the very start my eyes refuse to part....
    The glory in the music, the movements and the beat make me smile on the outside as I begin to move my feet,
    The gestures you move with and your voice that makes the sound, holds belief to every sight seen as we are lifted from the ground,
    Life has a meaning, and I am glad it is this that we can share.
    Through your music, which I adore conveys that you truly care,
    So let your music hold the rhythms and sweep the wind as it blows,
    Let the people in this community experience your fabulous shows,
    Thank you Jayl for your kindness, I just can not're a very special person I can really tell.