Thursday, 14 February 2013


She prowls
The Leopard of our dreams
Guardian of our realm.
Such elegance belongs - to such creatures from the songs …
The Ghost and the Darkness.
Black Angel of perfection
In truth upon reflection …
If you could talk - what words would you be saying now?!
And we’d look upon your heart-shaped face and shadow walk of candle grace …
Stroke the softest downy fur, lush with chirp and vibrant purr …

Beyond the words, our tears join streams and rivers,
Rushing, babbling to the shore
Where we will see you play no more.
But still the sun shines on that weekend feel
As we remember seven hundred - for real.

And if time appeared and told me he was taking a rest
And I knew that his word was true …
I would gladly trade my soul to him
For one more Saturday with you.

She growls
Mint - Imperial – Queen of Sounds
Shelter from the storm.
From heart and hearth and home - to the melancholy tone …                   
Of silence in the house.
Unspeakably alone
As quiet as a mouse …
And you really could talk – the chimes of life are playing now!
And the world can feel the purist score and black-sheen pad of velvet claw …
And your mystical allure, brushed with trill and myrrh…

Beyond the rains, our sorrows carved in stone and verse,
Replenished by demise and births
And death he toils, no life rehearsed.
But still the moon’s high on a Saturday night
And if we close our eyes we can feel your bite.

And if a genie appeared and said “Your wish is my command”
And I was sure he knew what to do …
No doubt in my mind what my wish would be
One more Saturday with you. 

In Memory of my beloved black girl – Mint Caracal – Studio Cat & Sister to Ocelot Fang
You are still sooo missed … yet to have been lucky enough to have been your parent fills me with joy.
For a creature sooo loved - so appropriate that you should choose the day of love to move on!


August 26th 1996 – February 14th 2010