Thursday, 28 March 2013


A dream to set our hearts upon,
A restful sleep disturbed by none
The hopes were high when night begun
With Tenebrae the shadows run.

Fresh sleet to wash the ice away
The east wind howls where snow bones lay
For sun’s return we melt and pray
From the cellar where the rats hold sway

Dry bones hidden in cobbled walls
High on the yew the raven calls
The signs are here, the lectern falls
Beyond the claws and ancient halls.

The vanes they turn on lofty spires
The crows - they perch on telegraph wires
A rain to quench the forest fires
To quell the rush of dark desires

The light will return or so they say
But beware the clasp of Tenebrae
The die is cast, the roles were laid
Way back when, with our Lord betrayed

Stand still oh sun in Gibeon *
Stand moon in the vale of Ajalon
And fresh the stream in Avalon
With a dream to set our hearts upon.
Jayl De Lara
Maundy Thursday
March 28th 2013
*Joshua 10 Vrse12

Tenebrae (Latin for 'shadows' or 'darkness') is the Christian Service of Shadows; celebrated on the morning or evening of Maundy Thursday.