Sunday, 23 March 2014


“Hush!” ‘Tis You – The Look of Life.
Angel of mercy, I undress you with my dreams.
From unseen sparkling source,
The birthplace of the force.

Photo by Dave Bushell ©
In trickle from the freshest melt,
Your hip, my lip, the feel of felt.
Felt deep beneath the soft and core,
Just wanting, yearning for more and more.

So I’ll meet you at the old stone bridge,
On the path beyond the wooded ridge,
Where primrose, yellow – festoon the ground,
While the snowdrops turn to dew.
Caterpillars to the moths – the moths to light.
Light 4 room – where your naked silhouette doth breathless curve,
To turn me on and even tempt the shadows,
That before were trapped in time.
In ice and rain the same,
My love is washed thru you again.
We walk in the same spirit, you and I,
In truths yet undiscovered - by none but you and I.

Harmonious yet in sorrow, for those beneath the morrow.
For time and tricks dance hand in hand, like toes a twinklin’ in the sand.
The poet’s realm inside you - Inside you, oh to be!
In synergy, in energy, in romance, in a play - to kiss you for a day.
Hope and love - the keys to the tower,
The magic folly where all girls flower,
Whiter than snow, sexy skin a-glow,
Your brown eyes turn me inside out…
I’m an eagle then a bat, from a monster to a cat,
I come to make you purr!
With sounds to soothe the viper wind - for here now comes the spring.
And the spring can bring just anything!

Thru winter the church bell chimed the hour,
Now breathe the scent of the lemon flower.
The scent of a woman – delicious, sooo lush…

‘Tis the scent of you, so “Hush!”

Jayl De Lara