Thursday, 22 September 2016


On a hot September day in the way back when
When the study was the flow and the modern Zen.
When the music was rowing – a meandering stream,
When we lived like cats and dared to dream…
A knock on my door, unexpected I confess,
But a joy to behold, nevertheless.
For there on my threshold was a man with great shoes,
I says “Who are you Brother?” He says “Bobby J Cruz”.

We talked of bands and girls and song,
All the things that make the world young.
He loved his sport, the competitive race,
The breath of youth, the thrill of the chase…
I shook his hand and invited him in,
Asked him what his calling was, he says “I love to sing!”
“What dya’ like to sing man?” He answered “Rock ‘n Blues.”
He smiled like a black cat, now that was Bobby Cruz.

A true Adonis, but shy he was;
The most sensitive passion that ever there was.
But with the courage of a cobra he lifted up the mic,
Shaking on the wire, but coiled and ready to strike…
A Black Sabbath classic - he sung ‘After Forever’,
And I knew right at that moment, he’d never give up, ever!
For there in my studio, was a guy who chose to choose,
A heart and poet singer whose name was Bobby Cruz.

Many talk of going to LA,
But talk is cheap on the narrow way.
You have to be brave and get on the plane,
And strive to be the driver of the rattlin’ train …
But the man - he had the courage,
He knew there was nothing to lose,
He put his life right on the line,
Yes, that was Bobby Cruz.

Loved he was, Nathaniel born,
To a life that oft did hurt him and pour upon him scorn.
But he wasn’t deterred; he was tall and proud,
With the perfect blend of humble and loud.
Now he front’s a band at Vega – he sings ‘November Rain’,
He left us weeping very young, but he ‘Won’t get fooled again’.
His sun shines white; we miss his charm, but to us he’ll always be news,
We’re proud to say he was our friend - a star called Bobby Cruz.

Jayl De Lara - September 2016

Bobby J Cruz  1978 - 2016

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