Monday, 13 November 2017



Great to be alive – when I’m alive with you.
So magical true – my girl on the rail …
Swishing her tail on the ole timeline …
I says “Oh to be mine – all mine, all mine!”

With a swervy swerve and a curvy curve,
To ask that one out – well it took some nerve.
Such a silent soft paw – what you can’t hear, can’t ignore.
Just sexy pure class was my Nikola Glass.

Oh such a cool cat – she was sat on my lap,
Sapphire my desire – she loved playing with fire.
Twas a tiger on the tiles when I came to her nest,
Over mountains and miles – to be with the best.

I kissed her soft shoe – it was bluer than blue,
And we never said never – just together forever.
And like a couple of cats – all sweetness and bright,
We danced in the twilight – then went out into the night.

Jayl De Lara

For Niki - 7th November 2017 Y 

Picture by © 2017