Thursday, 8 October 2020


So in the end he knows you know
The thing you feared has come to your show,
And no one rushes to your floor
You know not what’s behind the door.
Believe like songs, they all begin,
With life and limb and nerves to swim.
But sharks abound midst sunken dreams,
And nothing is as real as it seems.
Beyond the pale of joy and pain,
Women and wine they laughed and came …
Grey lady sung, her blue allure,
Believed like snow, she once was pure.
And everything that I did see,
Looked new and true in vibrancy…
We walked the path so proud and free,
Before the names escaping me…
With whom we drank and toasted youth,
Without the time and hindsight proof.
Now the dream we chased is nevermore,
It disappeared beneath the floor.
Beyond the glaze – translucent skies.
We never once believed the lies,
Where we exist in space time full,
Forever young and beautiful.
We’re beautiful.

Jayl De Lara

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